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FCL ( FCL Container Load )


FCL ( Full Container Load )

Big benefit of an FCL shipment is quicker transit time. There are several reasons for this, primarily that FCL shipments do not require consolidation and deconsolidation. In some circumstances, FCL may even be the cheaper mode, for example, if the shipment volume occupies 75% of the smallest shipping container. When transporting your goods overseas, it makes sense to choose a cost-effective and safe option whilst keeping costs down throughout your supply chain. Full Container Load (FCL) shipping is a useful option in many cases, especially when you need to deliver a large volume of product.

Our Full Load Services Include :

  • Daily departures.
  • Online pickup requests.
  • Booking your shipment.
  • Prepare goods for shipping.
  • Drayage.
  • Pickup or delivery.
  • Half-height containers are ideal for heavy cargo.
  • Collapsible racks are used to transport cars.

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